Extreme Beads

Serenity w/ rose ptalsTropica Fuson w/shells & stonesSpiced oange w/ oange vevlet flowers & putka pods.Spiced orage w/toes an putka pods
These would be some examples of extreme beads.
Please be advised.  You are welcomed to order samples.  If you do not like a fragrance, you cannot return it!
Choose carefully! Beads are not returnable!

Extreme Beads
Description:  The 4 examples shown above are our "Extreme" Beads are our top of the line beads. Our stock beads may include, but are not limited to multiple colored beads, colored stones, sea glass, shells, flowers and raspberries. Beads contain various items. This item may be custom ordered. Discounts can be obtained in larger amounts ordered.  Comes in all fragrances, which are listed on our home page.  (discounts given for amounts over 5 lbs.)

Stock beads mean what we currently have in stock without a special order.

Shipping Weight:  1 Pounds, X Ounces


Price:  $14.00   Click Add to Cart  below to add these items to your standard beads.






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