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wedding showers

baby showers



retirement parties

favors include:

organza bags w/ cards

tubes with labels

envelopes w/ cards


metal tins


fortune cookie soaps

votive candles
(round or square)

votive candles in jars

Candles can be made in the traditional size or square, as seen above.  You can keep them as is, or request a tag with your special information.

Want something unique? The tubes to the right and the ones shown below are great for weddings and party favors.  You can even have them imprinted with your names and dates for your special occasion!


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Buy  your beads by the pound and bag them yourself or have us bag them for you.  Have a specific theme? Let us make your beads to fit your special occasion.

Want plum beads in Tropical Fusion or Lavender beads in shades of pink and blue with rose petals?  We can do it for you!

We have the bags and the beads for your event!
Buy just the tubes fill them with your
own perfect item!

Any item can be customized and labeled for your occasion!

All favors are tagged or labeled with event highlights: date, name, occasion, additional information.

Hanging bags with display hangers available.

Email for additional information and pricing!

5" tube with attached sachet bag5" bead tube with filled sachet bag5" bead tube with sachet and tag5" bead tube
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More favors or packaging ideas:

tubes with cork top and raffiaenvelope with business card in plastic

No, not aroma beads, but fortune cookie soaps!
Comes in a clear take-out box!  It doesn't get any better than this! 
NO CALORIES. You don't have to eat it and you still get a fortune!

Want custom fortunes?  Not a problem.  Drop us a line!
Pick ours or we can customize your fortunes. 



Varied styles of beads & cap colors White flowered envelop filled with beads.  Great for business samples or favors.


Tube Favors Tube Favors w/bags Fortune Cookies
Aroma Favor Tubes

  Email or call to order!

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Aroma Tube w/ bag and/or tag
 (email for info w/tags)
Comes with 5 tubes



Fortune Cookie Soap
$3.50 for 2 in a box

Special Orders Only

Special order

Each tube will fill 1 small sachet. Great give-away promotions! Discounts given for larger amounts on tube orders.  Please email for details. Fortune Cookie favors come 2 to a clear take-out box.  Email for info.
Want custom fortunes?  Not a problem.  Drop us a line!
Pick ours or we can customize your fortunes.