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Here are some of the scents we have in stock. Don't see what you are looking for, please ask.
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ambrosia *


Wonderful sweet and sassy scent.  Smells just like the fruit salad with a combination of mandarin oranges,
pineapple, marshmallows and cherries.

Fresh, fruity and yummy.  Best selling lotion scent


Smooth cherry almond scent.  Very sweet smelling.

angel food

Angel food cake for angels. 
Smells like you just opened the package and
ready for the strawberries.

apple jack


 A spicy apple cinnamon

apricot chamomile


Wonderful fresh and sweet fragrance that immediately makes you smile.  Great alone or mixed with other fragrances. It has become one of our favorites!

baby powder *

Just like a baby's bottom.

banana breeze

Smells like the banana popsicle from younger days.

banana coconut


This is a blended mixture of our popular coconut
with ripe bananas

banana split

A sweet mixture of banana, strawberry,
chocolate and caramel.  yum yum

bayberry spice

Wonderful spicy fragrance ready for the holiday season.

birthday cake

I just love the smell of a birthday cake with thick,
creamy, rich frosting.

black cherry *


yum yum.  VERY strong and lasting

black raspberry vanilla *


Just like the real thing!  Try it, you'll love it!

blueberry muffin

Smells like muffins are baking in the oven!

blue gardenia *

This is better than regular gardenia

So good, we have had bees land on our candles
while we are making them!  Really!

buttered popcorn

Who doesn't love the smell of buttered popcorn? 
buttery, salty popcorn.  Smells like you just
micro-waved some for the family movie!

buttery vanilla

A smooth vanilla fragrance with a touch of butter to make this a creamy favorite for all. 
Can be mixes with other fragrances.

California crush

Fresh Orange citrus fragrance that will wake you up!

caramel latte

Sweet, creamy caramel latte.
This has real coffee beans in the beads.

carrot cake

Yummy yummy carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  One of our best sellers in the Fall and Winter!

cherry vanilla

Strong smelling cherry vanilla. 
Great for aroma beads and candles alike.

citrus cranberry  

This is a must for the holiday. A great blend of citrus and sweet cranberry for a luscious mix of fragrance!


Great alone or blended with other tropical fragrances
to make a luscious tropical scent.

coconut vanilla

Blend of coconut and vanilla to create
a smooth, luscious fragrance.

cotton candy

Sweet, dreamy cotton candy. 
Great alone or blended with other sweet fragrances.

creamy caramel

Good to mix with other fragrances like Crème Brule or spiced orange. Use alone or create your own scent.

creamy coconut

Great alone or mixed with
a tropical fragrance.

cinnamon bear

Cinnamon with just a hint of vanilla.    (Seasonal)

cinnamon clove  

Great for the Fall and Holiday season.  (Seasonal)


Try some of this outside the pool or in the patio
to keep away the bugs.

citrus splash *

Fresh blend of citrus to make your mouth pucker and
you perk up for the day. 
Very refreshing! One of our most popular favorites!

coconut lime


A gentle blended mixture of our strong key lime
with a tropical coconut fragrance.

coolest cucumber crisp cucumber

Freshly cut cucumber for your salad.
Smells like the real thing!
Very Strong! Good for a kitchen or pantry scent.

crème Brule

Oh, so luscious.  It makes you hungry!
If you want a SPECIAL GIFT, this would be it!
This is our most popular fragrance for candles.

cucumber mint

Relaxing mint with vitalizing cucumber. 
This combo will put you over the edge!

currantly country *

 Wonderful red currant with a splash of sweet pink grapefruit.  Definitely a keeper!


Smells like a Spring day up North!  (skin safe)

eucalyptus Fragrance oil eucalyptus. You would never know
the difference between the real thing. 
Great for relaxing or for sinus issues.
eucalyptus radiata
(essential Oil)
Eucalyptus in the real form.  This is a medicinal strength
and may be used as such
for aromatherapy or sinus problems. 
fall harvest   Cinnamon, cloves and a hint of harvest.  Good and spicy!  (Seasonal)
Fiji beach Private blend.  You feel like you're lying on the beach,
waiting for a tropical drink.  (Seasonal)
Florida peach

This one smells like a pie baking in the oven. (skin safe)


Type of Plumeria but softer and sweeter.

French roast

Want the smell of coffee, but don't want the caffeine? 
This is the one for you!  (skin safe)

fresh baked bread

Fresh baked bread right from Granny's oven.

fresh cotton  

That fresh cotton scent.  Smells like it just came out of the dryer.  "Downy type" fragrance. One of our best selling fragrances for beads.

fresh cut grass

A very refreshing scent on a Spring day!

fresh linen

Fresh Linen is a clean, strong scent. 
Good for areas that need that extra lift!

ginger soufflé *

Can't explain this scent, other than it is strong and lasting. 
Has that extra punch of yum!
This is one of our very own favorites!


Grape popsicles anyone?  Oh, so yummy!

green apple

Tangy & tart; just like a Granny Smith apple.

honeydew melon

Ever just cut open a honeydew melon?  Best on the market.  Smells like honeydew, not some other melon combination.


 Japanese honeysuckle


This fragrance is a strong floral. 
If you like hibiscus, you'll love this one.


Sweet hyacinth floral scent.  Very strong!

juniper berry

BBW  (skin safe)

key lime pie

Oh my, smells soooo good.  Leaves a wonderful after scent.

kiwi strawberry

Fresh blend of kiwi and strawberry. 
Almost as good as a smoothie!

kiwi raspberry

Fresh blend of kiwi and raspberry fruits to lighten your day!


Sweet citrus smelling fruit, apricot in color.

kumquat pink grapefruit    
lavender *


Best on the Market!
What is there to say?  It's just perfect for relaxing.  

lavender (essential oil)

Medicinal strength Lavender. This is great for aroma therapy.

Best on the Market!
What is there to say?  It's just perfect for relaxing.  


If you are from up North, you can't mistake the scent of lilac! 
Even if you're from the East, South or West,
don't miss this one!


Nothing like the smell of a sexy leather jacket.  Hope on the back of that bike and feel the breeze through your hair!
Great aroma bead scent for saddlebags!

lemon blast

This one will make your mouth water like
when you were young and bit into a fresh lemon.

(essential oil)

This one will make your mouth water like
when you were young and bit into a fresh lemon.

love spell "type"

Cannot use the real name so we have to say "type" after it.  You know what it smells like! 
If you like Love Spell, you'll love this one!

morning rain  
mountain air  

closeout fragrance

mulberry *  
mulberry wine

Nice blend of mulberry and grape to make mulberry wine.

ocean *

Clean, fresh smell, like an ocean breeze blowing on a hot summer day.

orange sherbet *

Remember when you were young and you had orange sherbet or an orange dreamsicle? 
This will remind you of those times.

orange spice *

This is a great Fall and Winter fragrance.


Gotta love this one!  Great all by it self or mixed with other tropical fragrances to give it that extra kick!

peachy pear  

Sweet scent of peaches and pears
all rolled into one great fruity fragrance!


Our pear is so fruity it makes you think
you just bit into a fresh pear!

pear berry *

Sweet mixture of pear and strawberry to create
a unique wonderful holiday scent.

peppercorn Peppercorn FO

Manly, strong peppery scent.

(essential oil)

Very powerful peppermint essential oil in a medicinal strength,  This is NOT mixed with anything else!

pink grapefruit

sweet and tangy. 
Very refreshing and great in any time of the year!


The delicate fragrance of this lovely white blossom
is light and sweet to the senses. Pikake Lani is Hawaiian for "Heavenly Pikake", a fragrance that is highly valued in the islands from one of the most treasured lei flowers.

pomegranate *

This sweet, exotic fruit, is refreshing with a tang.


Strong, lasting fragrance.  Want a lighter but still strong Plumeria?  Try Frangipani Plumeria.

Oscar "type"

Just like the cologne.

red raspberry *

Just like BBW sun-ripened raspberry.

rose petals *

Smells like roses.  Very popular fragrance.

sex on the beach

Tropical, sexy and fun. 
This is also used in out tropical fusion beads.

Southern magnolia

One of Texas favorites!
Very light scent for beads.

spiced apple

Very much a Fall, holiday fragrance but also good anytime. 

spiced cranberry *

Great during the holiday season, Valentines day or any day in particular.  Spices cranberry is one of or favorites

spiced rose

Not too flowery and not too spicy.  Just the perfect mix of rose petals and spice, with a touch or orange and clove.
Great fragrance for weddings!

serenity *  

This is one of our favorites and best selling fragrances.  It's good for that sexy man smell.  The fragrance is strong and has a similar fragrance to Cool Water for men.
Makes a wonderful lotion and body wash 
men and women!
Very sexy manly fragrance. Great for men and women alike!


Same as Wild Strawberry

sweet dill

Reminds of when I was young and my mom was making dill pickles in the crock. 
We couldn't wait until they were done!

tea time

Green tea blend with a hint of pineapple and
other fruit blends.  Pale green

Loofah soap scent  (skin safe) 
Makes a wonderful lotion, soap and body wash!

tropical fusion *

Private blend with a blend of 5 different tropical fragrances.

vanilla manila

Greatest vanilla on the market. How can anyone avoid the proverbial all-loving vanilla.  Great alone or mixed.
Pale beige

vanilla mint  

soft blend of vanilla and mint created as a soothing fragrance

vanilla rose  

A great blend of our popular vanilla and rose.  Very strong.

vanilla pear  

Good mix of our favorite vanilla and pear.

violet forest  
wild strawberry

This one smells like strawberry jam.  Yum yum. This is on of our favorites and best seller for aroma beads.


A nice blend of berry and mint.


This is a Japanese grapefruit, similar to a grapefruit smell but not as tart. 
Good alone or mixed with another fragrance.

* Denotes most popular

Not all fragrances listed.  Ask if you don't see what you're looking for!