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:: How to Make Aroma Beads

Want to make aroma beads yourself?

It's really easy and lots of fun!  You will need a glass jar with a good seal, so the oil doesn't leak out.

They are great as a gift or use them as a marketing tool.  Make them to match your candles or bath and body products.

NOTE: During colder weather, it takes twice the time to cure the beads, so don't worry, it's not you or the beads.  It's the weather.  The cold slows down the process of curing beads.

:: Items you will need
  • glass jar w/lid or HDPE plastic container w/tight lid
  • fragrance oil
    1-2 TBLS (1-1.5 oz)
  • liquid candle dye
    several drops
  • aroma beads - 1lb

To color your beads, add
drops to fragrance oil and swish  color in oil.  Put in a little at a time until desired color is reached.

***DO NOT use food coloring or soap dye.  It will not mix with the oil and you will have drops on top of your beads.***

HDPE and PET plastic are great for storing your beads.  You can also use large glass containers with a sealed lid.  Have your friends save their empty kitty litter containers for you.  They store great and last a long time...better than glass

Cautions:  Scented beads should not be placed on wood, plastic or painted surfaces. Oils may stain wood and damage painted or plastic surfaces. The beads will melt at 150 - 190 degrees F. Remember this if you have them in your car on the dashboard, while living in a hot climate! Do not use the beads in a potpourri burner. Always keep the beads out of the reach of children and animals.  Oils can seep through some types of containers and packaging materials. Be sure beads have absorbed all of the oil before using.


Making Aroma Beads

Start off with 1-2 TBLS of oil and put it in a glass container or heavy plastic.  (LESS IS BEST when starting out.  (2 TBLS of oil is equal to 1 ounce.  You can always add more oil but you can't take it away.) If you use too much oil you will become frustrated because the oil will not soak up for you and you will have to add additional beads. If you don't have any more, it may be even more frustrating.   You can always add more fragrance.  You can add up to 2-3 TBLS of oil per pound of beads (1.5 oz).  Just be careful not to add too much.  You can add additional oil if you feel the need, however adding more oil is not necessarily going to make the beads smell longer.  Some fragrance oils absorb faster than others.  You can also use DPG to help smooth out the oils or when using essential oils. If using Essential oils, BE careful.  They absorb twice as fast as fragrance oils and sometimes DPG will help the oil flow better.

Drop 1 drop of color (or to taste) in to the oil swish the color until mixed.  You may add more color as needed.  You may also add additional color after the beads are dry.  This will give the beads a variegated look.

You CANNOT use food coloring or skin safe dye. It will bead up in the oil and come off on your hands or whatever it touches.  I have also tried rit dye.  It makes a huge mess and will get all over the place so you should stay away from it.

Slowly add the beads to the glass jar. BE SURE THE LID IS ON TIGHT!  You may lightly swish to start the color process.  Shake the beads when all has been added to disperse the color and oil throughout.  The beads should be wet throughout. 

Vigorously shake beads for a minute or two to be sure they are all mixed. Depending on the weight of the fragrance oil, your beads could take from a few hours to a day or two before the beads are complete. If it is not soaking up as fast as you would like, you can add additional beads.  Be sure you buy your beads from a reputable company.  Some beads are not absorbing and you could be hoaxed in to buying them. For example, the beads in beanie babies WILL NOT WORK!

Every time you walk by your beads, pick up the container and shake them.  Essential oils do work differently. DO NOT leave them stand for very long, as they normally cure very quickly. Citrus oils will also usually cure quicker.

When the beads are done, they should be dry to the touch and the jar should shake clean of beads on the sides.  There may be a  bit of residue at the bottom of jar, but that is okay.  Throw in a few unscented beads and shake in the jar.  Add them to your beads.  Most oils will cure within a 24 hours or less, Some heavier oils may day 2-3 days to cure.

There are many possibilities. Mix and match scents with different colors.  You can add herbs, dried flowers, corn cobs, colored stones, rocks and cut glass.  Use your imagination.  After a while you will become proficient at making your beads. 

Sell them by the ounce or by the pound.  They are great for profit and fundraisers.  Put them in a fancy dish or organza bags.

Good luck and have fun!

There are many recipes out there and people who will tell you an incorrect way to make them because they want to keep you from making money and succeeding!  Don't listen to them.  Create your own new style and experiment with colors and oils to produce your own style!