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Scented and Unscented Beads
Beads are standard colors you would expect for the fragrance ordered.


Extreme Razmataz Raspberry

Extreme Beads

16 oz

8 oz

Supreme Serenity

Supreme Beads

No longer available

andard Beads

16 oz

8 oz


Custom Beads


Unscented Beads

Choose your own colors.

Colored Beads


Custom Color Beads / Essential Oil Beads / Pouches / Animals / Dyes

Sinus Relief
Unstuffed Skins & Key Chains
Wake Me
Stand-up Pouch
Custom Beads
Corn Cobs/Nature's Fill
Purchase by the pound

Dye Set

Single Dye

Advanced Dye Set

2 dram
Starter Dye Set
(Comes with droppers)
4 color set includes most commonly used colors: blue, red, green and orange. Buy single colors if you need more. One bottle is enough to make pounds and pounds of beads! 
2 dram Dye Single Color

Don't buy a lot when you only need a little. One drop goes a long way! Order extra colors or just the one you need! Try it before you order a large quantity.
We do carry 1 dram, 1 oz or larger bottles if needed.

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2 dram
Advanced Dye Set
(Comes with droppers)
4 color set includes additional advanced colors: yellow, burgundy, purple & coffee. Buy single colors if you need more. One bottle is enough to make pounds and pounds of beads!

Organza Bags -Gifts - Oils - Oil Rings - Dyes - Scoops
Sample includes a "minimum" of 1 pound of beads in many styles and fragrances. Package has at least 8 samples included. 

Great variety if you aren't sure what you want to order.  Most popular types included.

Sample includes a 1/2 pound of scented aroma beads in many styles and fragrances.
Package includes varied scents and types. 
For price conscious folks.

Just enough to make a choice
or use as small gifts.

Organza Bags 3x4
18 cents each - 30 pack

Click details for color swatches
Email for large quantity pricing

Detail page shows available colors.

Sample 1

Click above link
to see full sampler.

Half Sample

   Click above link
to see half sampler


Brass Oil Rings with Oil

Brass Oil Rings

Mini Scoops



mini mica powder scoops

  Brass Oil Ring with 1 Dram
of Fragrance Oil

Choose 1 or 2 dram bottles.
2 dram shown order below.
Bottle comes with dropper top!


  Out of stock! 

Brass Lamp Ring (1)


Brass Lamp Ring

Out of stock!

Mini Scoops for mica powder "NOW AVAILABLE"

.15 cc Scoops
(20 cents each)

Click above link to see Scoops.


Fragrance Oils

Fragrance Oil



Fragrance and Essential Oils

1 oz. Bottle
Fragrance and Essential Oils

1 oz. Bottle

2 size labels available:
Price:  $3.50 a sheet

Small Caution
or Medium address size with Company Information.
Specify size in comment section and follow up with email with what information is needed on label.

Click to choose label type 

Available fragrances on
home page

Essential Oils

Get one sheet of 80 labels with your company name, website and phone number. You pick the information, up to 3 lines.  Label has caution information printed at the bottom. These are standard return address labels.

You can also order the sheet with 80 labels.  They have caution info and a place for a fragrance name.  Same price.  Just put it in the comments section. 


Unscented Crystal
Rock Potpourri

DPG: 1 oz
Di-Propylene Glycol


 Click to add Crystal Potpourri

Bulk Rocks can be purchased. 
Email for shipping prices.
How to Make Rock Potpourri

Click to add DPG

Can be used for making crystal potpourri.  Use to smooth out essential oils when making aroma beads.   Makes the oil flow better.

Adding these items to your beads is easy!

NOTE: Unscented crystal rocks are packaged in various sizes; small (1/4" to 1/2"), medium (3/4") & large pieces (1"+). May have a few large chunks. We do not sell the individual rock sizes.  They are sold mixed.    
Diffuser Set    
Reed Diffuser gift set includes: 4 oz glass bottle with wood cap, 8-12 in reeds packaged in a plain (no window) gift box, ready for wrapping.

Add your favorite oil!  $4.50

With fragrance: $8.00


Plain Sets:


Fragranced Set



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