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Supreme Beads

Please be advised.  You are welcomed to order samples. If you do not like a fragrance, you cannot return it!
Choose carefully! Beads are not returnable!

Supreme Beads
SKU# Supreme
Description:  Supreme are some of our most popular beads.  They can be combined with multiple scents, if wanted: e.g.; mango, guava, coconut, papaya, banana and too many to mention.  They are a standard bead with extras like mica to make them shiny, but not as much as the extreme beads.    Please go back to the products page to add additional items to your beads.  (discounts given for amounts over 5 lbs.) Call for information.

Shipping Weight:  1 Pounds, XX Ounces

Price:  $12.00     Click Add to Cart  below to add these items to your standard beads.


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