Unscented Beads

Unscented Beads



Unscented Aroma Beads Under 51 lbs

Shipping Weight: 1.05 Pounds

Click for orders 51 lbs and over.  Other pricing available.

  Shipping can be more than what it shows on line and you WILL be charged for the difference!

We do International shipping. Please email for International and Domestic rates. 
Remember to include your address when requesting shipping information.

International shipping calculates for FLAT RATE BOX and flat rate envelope.
Envelopes will hold only 2 lbs.  Can also ship first class for small samples.

FLAT RATE International will hold up to 11 LBS of beads. 

You may order on line for this!

***** IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT OFF SPEC:  Off spec beads are different than the normal ones you may use.  They have a small amount of white, orange and black specs in them but color easily!  They do not fair well if you are leaving them clear, but mica powder will also work well.

They will melt differently for ornaments and not as concise.  DO NOT leave these beads unattended, as they will clump. Best when mixed with other beads but can be used alone.  Be sure to mix them continually within the hour, with only a minute or so between shakes. Heat will also affect the curing time.  Questions???PLEASE ask before using. These beads are NOT for people just starting out!  They are for experience aroma beads people! Do NOT use them for ornaments.


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